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Date: October 11, 1996

Kudos Mark Dodd for a great catch. I forgot to put the macmade-wht.gif image in the last distribution, we've fixed this mid-week.

Mark also mentioned the graphics at the bottom of the homepage looked unprofessional. Mark is right, so I fixed that.

This issue has the new dailies. Also, I want to thank everyone that's filled out our micro-survey. The survey is producing some surprising results which will be posted with the coming upgrade.

Date: October 6, 1996

Good catch Michael Grinner. I've not fixed the links for the sep29-oct5.html page, opsie! (thanks Michael!)

Date: October 5, 1996

Michael Grinner emailed to alert me to a domain name change, http://www.gis.at/ is his new domain.

Updated my machine specs page cause some software has changed. Also fixed typos on the Where to Find the Information Alley page. New issues, of course!

Hey, has anyone noticed that we've been very regularly updating the pages, like every friday or saturday on the dot? Mucho thanks to the site admins (for being so studious), Apple (for getting the issues done), and FCS (for great internet connectivity).

Oh, and a special thankyou to Brian Rowan of Hampton-Sydney College. Brian runs one of our FTP servers that are so essential to the Info Alley's distribution (he's one of the shy folk). HSC now has a T1, making our life faster!

There's a new survey for everyone to fill out, please do! I've moved the July update notices to the old news page.

Pssssttttttt! A HUGE update is coming to the Info Alley site. No, no sneak peeks, no hints, no nothing. I believe you'll love it, I've been working very hard on this one, but I really, really need you to fill out that survey! So, coming in 4 weeks from October 5th, a brand spanking new Info Alley. Neat eh?

Date: September 27, 1996

Added the new issues.

Date: September 23, 1996

I've added the newest issues and updated the proper links. FYI: The email address given for me on Apple's page is incorrect. I've informed them of the change.

Date: September 14, 1996

I've added the newest issues. We've made some changes in how the Info Alley issues are distributed to hopefully make life easier for us and thus better for you.

Date: September 10, 1996

The September 9, 1996 article concerning Apple's many web sites is VERY informative. This will answer many many questions people have asked in the past and gives comprehensive access to a mydriad of resources.

Date: September 7, 1996

Interesting saga. Sometime Thursday night or Friday morning, a large part of Sprint's network, esp. in NYS, went down. The network outage caused a cascade reaction that also took down NYSERNET and, eventually, blew out my ISP's CISCO causing them further problems. The network problems were not fixed at Sprint's or NYSERNET's ends until sometime Saturday, and my ISP didn't finally come back online until sometime around 8pm today. Thus, I'm catching up w/ over 200 peices of email.

This update contains all the new issues I could get/had received. I'll note Apple is experiencing problems because of repeated power outages in areas on the West Coast. This often manifests itself as unanswering servers and other problematic and annoying problems.

FTP services at Apple are also often confusing. I'll try to write something up to better assist your FTPing pleasure.

Further, I noticed some problems w/ the daily TOCs (bad links, poor formatting), so I fixed them.

Date: September 3, 1996

Considering the work required by the admins, I usually shy away from non-end of the week updates. I make an exception here because the August 30th article is, I think, very important and helpful.

On a related note, I've moved all update notices from the month of June to the Old News page. Everytime I start a new month I'll move the very last month to the old news page to keep this one shorter and quick loading.

Anywho, this just contains the August 30th article.

Date: August 30, 1996

I want to take this opportunity to thank Mark White for generously allowing me to put a personal web page on his server, thanks Mark!

This issue contains some new issues. We've also changed, a bit, our backend distribution model to provide faster, more reliable, durable service. Also took a suggestion from a friend to place dates next to the items I control in the listing of resources on the homepage. Now you can see when they were last updated rather than having to visit the page.

I've also placed some more comments on the bottom of the glitz page from readers. Read the one from Kay O'Grady, it expresses one of the primary rewards of doing this project!

I also want to comment on sending me questions about things Macintosh: as mentioned, I'm not a dedicated help desk and not Apple. Still, one of my biggest pet peeves is people not answering email, if someone takes the time to write a thoughtful email then I think you (as the admin) have the responsibility to answer it (even if it means saying 'Sorry, can't help. :(. I do try to help and sometimes spend an hour composing a reply, but I can't gaurantee anything. That having been said, I do ask that you exhaust all the resources you can, often times my answers are to give you places to look for info as I believe it is more useful to give you the tools to ans. your own questions rather than just being given 'the answer.'

So, continue to send in your questions, but be forewarned, I'm very likely to send you hunting for your own answer by giving you well directed URLs. Hey, only reason I know this stuff is I read voraciously!

Date: August 27, 1996

Happy b-day Robin! In an effort to refine the look of Info Alley further, I've culled the daily TOCs and made sure they're all using the same format. I noticed some problems and wanted to correct them, and, of course, I think the minor formatting tweaks make a difference visually.

Date: August 25, 1996

Rolling in some changes. Just adding new graphics, there's more changes to come.

Date: August 22, 1996

Bet you didn't know we did interweek updates? :) Regardless, this contains the articles from this week's Info Alley articles.

If you've any problems w/ the functioning of THIS Info Alley site, please inform us. We cannot do anything about Apple's problems, but we'll certainly work to fix our own.

Oh, I also had complaints that you had to search for the search engine. You might not have noticed the link added to the home page (first page), so I made it stick out more, I hope.

Date: August 19, 1996

I've updated the Glitz page some to include comments from readers (Yes, I actually read anything you send!). I want to stress once again that Apple has nothing to do with this site, they don't get any of the feedback, everything goes to me and (or admins).

Also, Mark Dodd mailed to tell me they're reorging the Macintosh Users' Group web pages at JHU, the new address is: http://www.mug.jhmi.edu/mirrors/InfoAlley/infohome.html. Mark says the old address will work through the magic of aliases for an indeterminate period, so update your bookmarks, we've done ours!

Date: August 16, 1996

More fun with updates. Apple has been very reliable this week in getting me the files, so I've been very reliable in getting them marked up. As you can see, today is Friday and here's the update.

Date: August 10, 1996

It was a fun week w/ MacWorld Expo Boston yeilding great news for the Macintosh Way. So, while I listened over Real Audio and attended all the Web Chats I could, I also made sure I did the Info Alley. Here's the newest articles, that's it.

Date: August 5, 1996

Whopsie. Seems I forgot the link to the new TOC for the new dailies. Sorry.

Date: August 3, 1996

The big news is we've been featured in the August 1 issue of The Information Alley. Cool, eh?

We have new issues, sorta. Due to special arrangements with Apple, we continued to receive issues, but Apple is reissuing them via email for people who didn't receive them. I've moved them and linked them up to continue the flow of the Alley. All this means to you, the readers, is 7/30/96, 7/31/96/, 8/01/96, and 8/02/96 match 7/11/96, 7/12/96, 7/15/96, and 7/16/96, respectively.

Date: July 22, 1996

This update addresses some issues with July 18th update. I've refined the graphics some so they fit on one line (for the curious, they use 20 Pt. Arial MT Rounded). Additionally, you'll notice the "Apple" background has left us, this is because the nav. graphics look better on pure white.

As a note, I'm preparing yet another major update. If there's any issues with the site you believe I need to address with the format and presentation, please tell me so I can see if my possible rework addresses them. I'm not going to reveal the flavor of the update because I might drop the idea and it involves some workings with other parties.

Date: July 18, 1996

This update provides some significant changes and improvements to the sites, here's the list:

  2. Many links for the bi-weekly issues are fixed.
  3. Formatting problems generated from a past upgrade are fixed.
  4. Addition of several navigational aides on support pages (including the dailies TOCs, as requested).
  5. The entire archive has been updated to use author-side includes. This will allow far faster upgrades and remedial measures as well as allowing me to change the archive's look and feel faster and easier.
  6. Many graphics now have image size tags. The navigation buttons do not to allow us flexibility in swapping out graphics. :)
  7. All the back issues (bi-weeklies, old dailies) have been altered to reflect the newer navigational and footer section format introduced a few weeks ago. I hope this will make the archives more readable and easier to use.
  8. The new format adds enhancements for better viewing w/ graphics off and on text-only browsers.
  9. I've hunted down some relic formatting blunders while I was instituting the new format.
  10. We've new art work.
  11. Several additional dailies have been added, we're up-to-date as of 7/12/96. Thankyou Apple for working day and night w/ us customers to resolve the problems!
  12. Can anyone give me the name of the big bomb that nukes the mothership in ID4 AND tell me why that name is significant to Macintosh users?

Date: June 29, 1996

Added two weeks worth of new issues (thanks Apple for getting FTP fixed very quickly!). and fixed some minor problems.

Date: June 28, 1996

Added links cross referencing links from some articles back to others and reordered the stuff that appear on infohome.html.

Date: June 27, 1996

My humblest for going so long between updates, of course I didn't have anything to post (dailies) so I couldn't update.

This update adds several dailies. Also please read the Who, what, where, why, to what extent are we?, Answering the Binhex Questions, and A lack of glitz -- Answering the questions why we don't have much "glitz" articles before you re-ask the same questions for the umptenth time.

Also, please look at and compare the June 2, 1996 thru June 8, 1996 week's Table Of Contents w/ the June 9, 1996 thru June 15, 1996 Table Of Contents and tell me if you like the dates reverse ordered (newest on top, oldest bottom) or the regular order (oldest on top, newest on bottom). I'll do whatever seems to be the dominate theme.

I also added some navigation buttons to the various information pages I produce. People requested these more than once.

Finally, I've spell-checked several more pages (sorry, I don't spell-check the articles! :) using the BBEdit dictionary, very cool tool! (BTW, did I mention we've progressed to BBEdit 4.0? You ought to purchase it if you're doing high-end, high volume web work.)

Date: June 14, 1996

The updates adds the remaining June 2 - June 8 dailies. I apologize, personally, for the delay, my bad.

Fixed the June 4, 1996 issues links from its TOC. I didn't change a 3 to a 4 in the dates :-(.

Date: June 7, 1996

The June 6th update never got shipped, because.....
Mark Dodd graciously noticed some errors I forgot to fix. JHU MUG should've been and now is JHMI Mug. He also noticed my incorrect postal code for Florida, that's FL Scott :).

There's other problems I noticed and fixed. Yes, I know, Delta Color and the Pensacola site appear down, Delta Color assures us they'll be up June 8th but be patient, this is not as easy as we try to make it look. Pensacola is having some challenges, we're working w/ them to resolve the problems ASAP.

Date: June 6, 1996

Added two new dailies (special thanks to Charlie McCabe for assuring I got them!), fixed the imagemap again (I hate doing server-siders :), added the newest mirror (Delta Color, Lancaster, PA, USA), and, of course, did the normal fixes.

Course, if you're reading this you already heard the good news.

Date: June 5, 1996

Fixed some problems on find.html (Thanks Mark Dodd) and added a line indicating why some text on the imagemap is red and other stuff is black. (Forgot to put it there originally).

Date: May 31, 1996

Some updates. A new Pensacola, FL mirror is now listed. The latest daily is also included in this revision. Also, I decided to reverse order the dailies, listing newest first and so on.

A warning from Charlie McCabe, Mgr, Online Delivery, the dailies might be not so daily due to how they're written.

Date: May 30, 1996

Massive site changes and a gagel of mirrors! There's a great deal that has changed, here's the rundown:

  • All footer elements have been modified to a new format. They look better on HTML 3.2 compliant browsers but also load faster on all other browsers due to format changes (they're written to parse faster).
  • The Dailies are now featuring a tabular design. Many commented the dailies list was growing quickly, so we've changed to a week-by-week design. Tell me what you think.
  • There's a couple hundred changes I won't go into. I've corrected many formatting problems that lingered (thanks everyone).
  • There's now an article on BINHEX 4.0. I've received many email messages in the past 3 months on that article alone. Well, I hope this solves it. BTW, notice, it is the only article I've written on the site.
  • There's now an image map (both server-side and client-side) that indicates where our mirrors are geographically. Neat eh? Of course, we offer a text based list also :).
  • There's some stuff behind the scenes you won't notice (other than stuff will likely load faster). Thanks site admins for your patience!
  • The HTML is better. Because more tags means more parsing time by the browser, the less tags the less time, ie, faster loading. You might not notice the difference, but I'm, right now, on a 14.4 modem and I do!
  • Our graphics are further optimized. This is as small as I can get them under present algorithms. (yes, I know all about the alternatives, but we've too many browser types that do not support them to use them, even if they're free!)
  • Scott has moved.
  • All the mirrors are at the exact same point as of this release. Kudos to the admins for their ultra-hard work and dedication!
  • Chris Chernesky deserves kudos. Why? Cause he taught me some neat graphic stuff.
  • The find.html has been updated to reflect massive changes. (note the cool map).
  • There's an article telling you Who, what, where, why, to what extend are we?. I wanted to clear that confusion up. It also explains what we'll do and what we won't do, i.e., what you can expect from us.
  • I've added every daily I've access to.

Date: May 11, 1996

SCOTT GRADUATES!!!!!!!! Yes, I've graduated from Wittenberg University as of 11:59 am Eastern time! Whoa! Your patience is appreciated, I promise now to catch up with all my back email. Case anyone is interested (and even if you're not), I graduated with a double degree in English (writing) and Political Science. BTW, anyone got any jobs in the ISP Mac tech support open, I could use one :).

Response from the article included in a recent EvangeList mailing has been extraordinary. We're looking to bring several new mirrors on-line in the next week or two. I thank Guy Kawasaki for this post, it will help us provide better service.

This update includes new dailies. I'm sorry I do not have more but I've been using Cyberdog and its mail files got corrupted taking a few Info Alley mailings with it.

Date: May 4, 1996

I encoded a few more dailies, updated the machine specifications, rearranged the update.html and daily.html so that they're in reverse order (as requested.).

I'm still playing with a few models on how I might reorg the site if I decide to do so, please give me feedback, specific examples (urls), and the such on what you think would be best. And, yes, we're STILL working on searching and stuff. BTW, by time you read this the search engines will likely have catalogued us as I pointed them at the archive.

Date: May 2, 1996

I'm sorry you've not heard from me in so long. Classes have been utter hell and I'm really trying to graduate.

Of course, due to Apple's neglect (sorry, I can't put it any nicer) I haven't had anything, really, to report. Apple hasn't been getting us any of the dailies reliably until a few days ago. This update adds all the dailies I have access to. I'm talking to Apple with very little success on getting an alternate methodology to distribute items. Even went so far as (hate doing this) asking for special privilege in getting single emailed the updates, but the guy at Apple I'm talking with hasn't responded in nearly a week. (such is life). We'll continue this project regardless of their assistance.

Next on my list, I've to warn everyone that I'm moving this month as my lease runs out May 31st, so I might go incommunicado for an extended period of time. I *will* continue this project, but we could get a few WEEKS behind. Sorry, I will prevent it if I can. I do have a reliable email address (thanks Mike Andrews) to get email at, so I'm not going away, I'll just be.. urmm.. not talking? :)

Notably, before I vacate the premises I'm thinking of reorganizing the site massively. I don't know what this might involve and it might get shelved, but the group is talking about various things we can do to make your life easier/better and the site easier to use and all around better. Suggestion ought to be sent to me and, of course, don't be afraid to dream! (heck, I'm looking at VRML right now :)

Date: April 24, 1996

Yes, the graphics promised are finally in. Sorry for the delay, life had other plans about Chris and my work loads. :(

Apple has finally contacted me about the Information Alley. Took doing an end around (I hate that) but, perhaps now, we'll finally get some cooperation!

Date: April 19, 1996

Ok, so now I am one year older as of yesterday. Have some time on my hands so I thought I'd catch up before the weekend. Every daily I have and have been otherwise able to obtain is included here.

I'll likely do some type of reorg of the archive soon cause this daily.html is growing quickly. Thanks to Mark Dodd and Michael Grinner for noting my errors in previous versions.

Date: April 17, 1996

Thanks Michael Grinner for noting my fubar with the 4/10/96 and 4/12/96 dailies. Seems I kinda forgot to put the folder the files where in the path name :).

Added the newest (4/15/96) daily.

Date: April 14, 1996

In deference to our LYNX using breatheren, I've removed all the ALT= tags from the graphical "next article, home page, top of article, toc, and previous article" buttons. Hopefully this will look better.

On a similar note, many of your noticed that "Tips n' Tidbits" had an extra link and queried "Why not just place the link around the graphical, LYNX will parse it out using the ALT and it'll look the same as now?" IE, same thing as with the buttons above, so I did so.

Finally, all those extra links are reduced in size using <h6></h6> headers for aesthetic reasons.

Date: April 12, 1996

Many people have emailed me to thank us for doing the dailies. Much applause to our site admins for being quick with the updates, it isn't, by any means, easy.

Many of those messages complained about me reusing dailies/032596/sites.html for dailies/040296/, well, you can stop complaining cause I've copied over the file and linked properly. Let this be a lesson to myself an all other web masters: NEVER sacrifice usability for a few bytes of space! You also wanted something to send you back to the infohome.html page, which I've added.

You'll notice our 3D apple went byebye, it has been replaced by a 2D version lifted off an Apple web site and shrunk with Photoshop. You'll also note it has no border, not to worry, you can still click on it to get to http://www.apple.com/!

Finally, some background work was done to clean up stray files left over from the great redesign! (did you even notice? :)

Date: April 8, 1996

The newest dailies I've received are now HTMLized. Thanks Mark Dodd for noticing some errors in the infoindex.html page and fixing them (they're all okay now!).

Date: April 5, 1996

My humblest for taking so long with Issue 21, it has been done for ages but I got stuck in many projects and fixes at once (see last update just above).

I've taken it upon myself to HTMLize the Dailies, please take a peek and tell me what you think. I'm still playing with how I am going to arrange them relative to the Volume 2 issues. Right now I've a separate page off the main home page, but tell me what you think I should do.

Date: March 30, 1996

Happy 19th B-day Michelle!!! I'm very high-strung right now so I decided to implement some changes:

  • Clicking on the "Famous Apple" graphic ending each article takes you to Apple's home page.
  • Added text Previous Article, Top of Article, Table of Contents, Next Article, Home page links (to mimic graphic buttons).
  • Fixed many HTML problems and some links (poorly or not actually finished).
  • Converted "Tips n' Tidbits" to be both graphic (incline) and text (separate, linked file).
  • Converted all table-es que items to be tables (incline) and separate, preformatted text (separate, linked file).
  • Implemented some new graphics. Kudos, once again, to Logos Design's Chris Chernesky
  • Fixed graphics problems (some clipped or damaged files)
  • Reduced file-size for many graphic resulting in faster loads.
  • Interlaced all GIFs, some where not saved as interlaced.
  • Fixed many broken or mistyped links.
  • Reformatted some pages for better reading/viewing.
  • Alerted several sites to our net presence.
  • Added Netscape enhanced and built with BBEdit graphics.

Date: March 25, 1996

WOW! After Ric Ford added us to his links page (on Macintouch) the usage has skyrocketed according to Mark Dodd. Please note the various mirrors and their locations.

Finally got a response from Apple. I'm HTMLing issue 21 now and will issue it WITHOUT graphics if I can't get the Acrobat version today (I'll email for it :)

Thanks to Jeff Buchsbaum (jcb@welchlink.welch.jhu.edu) for catching my spelling error on the machine.html. English lesson folx, too = also != to. :)

Date: March 19, 1996

Life has been going well as of late, save for Apple being very quiet. So, I've sleep after this weekend (going on 2 hrs in 3 days, very dumb!) and have finally made a decision on the future of this project.

Date: March 14, 1996

Wow! I think I did really well on my English comps, so I'm almost out of Wittenberg. I just nipped and tucked a few nagging problems.

Date: Feburary 16, 1996

Whoa!!! Scott is done with Poli Sci Comps, now only English to go (much easier, I think!). Just wanted to give a Whoa! to Mark White, Grant Bayley, and Todd Kunkel, who've, as of late, been doing such a great job!

A kudos to Michael Grinner, he seems to update as fast as I can get them out. Hey, here's the newest issue of "The Information Alley!"

Date: Feburary 13, 1996

Take a peek at our new background. Thankyou much to Chris Chernesky (once again) of Logos Design for this donation.

Date: Feburary 7, 1996

WHOA! I'm in very good spirits these days with a new SO and classes going well. Granted I'm swamped withwork here at Wittenberg University (btw, I've nothing to do withthose pages :(, but it all seems to be going rather well.

On that note, I've finally given in, begrudgingly, to the many who've bitched about the mailto: tags. They now work (ugg). Also fixed some missing tags.

Keep the faith Macintosh warriors. BTW, anyone else want to mirror us? :)

Date: Feburary 4, 1996

Wow, we have been featured in Apple's "Information Alley"!!!!!!! GREAT applause to absolutely everyone that's contributed to make this project a success!

The new issue is done and online (if you're reading this :). I've fixed some problems and added a reference to the fine folx at World Wire who provide our Australian based WWW mirror!

Date: January 28, 1996

The Macintosh community is extremely loyal and helpful. I cannot think of a platform that produces such communal responses. I'm very pleased to announce a new mirror provided by Michael Grinner at GIS Consulting. Those in Europe ought to use this site! for speed reasons.

That's not all the great news. I wish to thank and recognize Brian Rowan of Hampden-Sydney College for donating space for an FTP site and Grant Bayley for providing an additional FTP site! This really helps everyone get their updates faster and more reliably. True, these sites are in the background, but Brian and Grant's generosity definitely deserves recognition and applause by the Macintosh Community

Date: January 20, 1996

Added the latest issues. Also put the background back but with a new color scheme (using ColorMeister!).

Date: January 15, 1996

heehheh That's January 1996 Scott :). Thanks Mark Dodd, one of our intrepid site admins, for noticing the errors in the 12/12/95 Info Alley.

Date: January 6, 1996

I removed the blood-red background and changed back the text color cause most of the email was negative concerning its look.

A "mando thankyou" to Denis Pelli for all her suggestions. Denis suggested I place a link directly to the newest issue at the top of the infohome.html page (that's done) and reverse order the issues list on the bottom of infohome.html (that's done also). Considering Apple doesn't appear responsive to us, I've also reversed the infoindex.html page and placed intra-page hot links to the issues (also reverse order)

Date:January 1, 1996

Its been a good year. The Buffalo Bills crushed the Dolphins twice, my grades are up, and I've meet a very cool person. So what's a bored college student doing on New Year's Day you ask? HTML!!

Now, finally, yes indeed, ALL of Volume 2 is HTML. I was on the phone saturday with a special someone (see above) and can't do 1 thing at a time, so I took Apple's SeText "Where to Find The Information Alley" and HTMLized it, updating and adding the WWW sites. Well, I emailed it to Apple and hopefully they'll have the heart to post it, regardless: WE HAVE IT NOW!

All references to .JPGs are now correct. Meaning all graphics are correctly marked (no JPEGs marked .gif).

You'll also notice the wild new color scheme featuring the blood-red background and light-neon blue text. The background comes from Tony Tran, thanks Tony!

Date: December 15, 1995

When cruising the pages, something I [oddly] rarely do, I noted the ubiquitous rainbow horizontal line looked lamely left margin aligned, so I used the Netscape Extensions <center> tag to change that.

Additionally, some minor oddities were fixed like graphics saved in 640x480 (resulting in a cropped image) are now properly saved.

Date: December 6, 1995

Whoa! Thanks Todd Kunkel for giving Information Alley yet another mirror!

Also, someone remind me to get my eyes checked. That should be </B>, the / is important Scott! (thanks to our patrons for noticing!).

Date: December 2, 1995

Created the infoindex.html page from Apple's Setext Volume 2 Index. Furthermore, many of you notice lack of paragraph tags in the toc.html files, that's now fixed. Thanks!

Opsie, I messed. Its Logos Design, not Logo Designs. Thanks Chris :-).

Once again, thanks everyone and enjoy!

Date: December 1, 1995

Duh Scott, that's BORDER=0 not NOBORDER. So I fixed it before sending it out. Another Duh me, anyone else notice that I incorrectly referenced the now (in)famous hline.gif, should be ./images/ not ../images/ Gotta pay more attention!

I'm a perfectionist at heart. So, where I can I'll, henceforth, be using JPEGs which have better resolution and color-quality (millions instead of 256). This is a design decision and 1 designated to more faithfully capture and reproduce the Apple's work. Some images have .gif when they are really .JPGs: sorry, its easier then changing all the references (which we might do in the future but not right now). Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

Date: November 27, 1995

Many people emailed me that they'd like to see some "navigational" buttons. You requested previous article, table of contents, home page, top of page, and next article. Ask and ye shall receive! I've gone through and altered every page to include navigation buttons. Special thanks to Logos Design's Chris Chernesky for creating the navigation buttons! Case you are wondering: Yes, in fact, the nav buttons are JPEG images so they look better but I named them .gif, cope!

NOTE: The navigation "buttons" are copyright Logos Design. All Rights Reserved, 1995.

More good news. I've gone back and separated out the various charts into graphics and text pages (see November 15 above).

Furthermore, less you get bored with the changes above, I've added two more issues, May 29, 1995 and June 12, 1995, to the archive. Now wouldn't it be great if we had more mirrors?

Also, I fixed the errant curly-quotes within the inside.html pages. I knew something didn't look right!

And finally, if that wasn't enough, I replaced the "Information Alley" splash screen. The old one was rather pixelated from my old 12" RGB monitor. The newer one is far better!

Date: November 15, 1995

Several people emailed me asking me to change many items to work better with browsers other than Netscape. Starting with the November 14, 1995 issue I'll Place the chart graphics you'd find in the Adobe Acrobat version as separate graphics or pages. Furthermore, I'm placing plain text charts and tables as separate pages (in deference to our text-only breatheren).

You might not have noticed, but the user community has contributed mightily to the improving HTML Information Alley. Many of you noticed page problems and sent me, so anyone who sent me email before today (November 14, 1995) can expect that area to be fixed.

I still want to do a searchable archive but, then again, classes don't allow me to learn CGI. Anyone who knows CGI or can point the maintainers (Mark White, Mark Dodd, and myself) to a CGI to allow searching please contact me via email!

Date: November 17, 1995

The greeting page sees some marked changes. I've pillaged Apple's official Information Alley Home page for a greeting graphic. Also, people mailed in that the color scheme killed their eyes especially on non-Macintosh systems so I changed the background to white and redid the color.

I changed Mark White's address to Mark Dodd in the United States based mirror. Seems I changed the name but left the email (opsie).

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