World Without Borders Fosters Meaningful Worldwide Dialogue

Sponsor-by-Sponsor, "World Without Borders" Online Community Quietly Accomplishes What Larger Communities Have Been Striving Toward

LOS ANGELES, California -- April 14, 1997, World Without Borders, a new web-browser based chat community, is bringing sponsor-specific content to clients worldwide. The grassroots goal of WWB is to provide quality programming to a carefully targeted audience. Setting itself apart from the noise and impertinence of most online communities, WWB's emphasis is on relevance, value-added content and a genuine exchange of information and ideas via the Internet.

That relevance begins with a mission -- to maintain a strong worldwide presence, while fostering the excitement and enthusiasm of each client's ideals. Living up to this mission, WWB has begun to establish itself as a leader in "real chat for real people," bringing people together as a catalyst for intelligent entertainment.

Just as radio and television produce a regular programming schedule, enabling audiences to tune in, WWB will soon be following a regular schedule of chats and events. Promising something for everyone, topics will be varied and engaging, ranging from Apple Computer's "My Home" series through sessions with "Youth Central's" Alex Hempton, to conferences with's Rob Terrell.

Breaking Down the Borders

"One of the many benefits of World Without Borders is that it's a browser-enabled chat community," Cys Bronner, WWB Chat Producer explained. "Joining our chats and events doesn't require time-consuming, often complicated downloading or installation of any extra software. This is very exciting to me, and means that anyone who has Netscape 3.0 or higher can join in. I love it!"

Bronner and her team, the majority of whom polished their online presence as Apple Internet Communities volunteers, recognize the core value in Internet Chat. They work hard to bring understanding to their international audience. "In my eyes community on the Web is so much more than chat; it's an unparalleled opportunity to exchange information and ideas. When I participated in last year's Tomorrow's Cities [an Apple Computer webcast during 1996], we had school children logging on from the Children's Museum and speaking to past president Jimmy Carter and other dignitaries at the United Nations Summit in Turkey. That ability to communicate without limitations bespoke what the Internet is all about; our responsibility to impart knowledge and achieve goals."

It is the goal of Bronner and her team to empower World Without Borders, encouraging a global dialogue on educational, political and developer levels. Bronner also hopes to bring everyone into the fore with this community, weaving a common thread among children with disabilities or limitations, as WWB's educational programming continues to gain momentum. Thanks to the background and training of her team, everyone will feel welcome in the online community no matter what their background, interests or level of Chat experience.

"WWB" Conference Hosts Bring Experience to Sponsors and Audience

The heart and soul of World Without Borders is its contingent of dedicated Global Community Staff members. The GCS team proudly features experienced hosts to moderate and facilitate conversation. These hosts have participated in a wide variety of online communities for major players in the Internet environment, and have hosted such stellar webcast events as Habitat II, Atlanta StreetScene '96, COMDEX, Macworld (Boston and San Francisco), the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), the GRAMMY Awards, and Apple Computeris Internet Relay Chat conferences.

World Without Borders' GCS team provides sponsors and audience members with quality conversation, in a professional, polished and always enjoyable manner. WWB's Chat Producer, Cys Bronner, has been a key member of two online communities for Apple Computer. She was a member of eWorld's Community Conference Crew, as well as a member of the Apple World Wide Community team, staffing and producing events on both America Online and Apple's IRC server. She has the ability to determine how best to highlight a sponsor's product or service, and the experience and leadership to unite the GCS team in hosting one event or a series of conferences.

Recent World Without Borders Events, Conferences and Clients

Diversity and excitement are the hallmarks of a World Without Borders chat, and this online community excels at offering meaningful content for both sponsors and audience members alike. Here is a sample of what you can expect from WWB's Global Community Staff:

Allegiant Technologies

Allegiant Technologies has such a strong dedication to World Without Borders' developer-related conferences that they have provided the server and engineering to jump-start this worthwhile community. Kevin La Rue, Chris Watson of Allegiant with Rob Terrell (of The Blip! Internet Playground), have shared their vision, insight and ingenuity by fueling the drive and dedication of WWB with their own resources of time, energy and server space.

Apple Education

The Apple Education division is sponsoring WWB's weekly "Developing for Higher Education" and "Developer to Developer" chats. For everyone interested in the future of Macintosh technology, and how this ever-changing operating system applies to the cross-platform environment, these conferences will be a valuable resource.

In addition, Apple's monthly "My Home" series will also be produced by WWB, with upcoming events in May and June. The "My Home" conferences take place the first Tuesday of each month, on the Apple Computer server.

Additional Sponsors Include

Entering a World Without Borders

To join most World Without Borders chats and events, first look for information on their World Wide Web home page at Once there, you may select the conference of your choice from the WWB calendar. From anywhere in the community you'll be able to join in the Rainforest, the World Without Borders open chat room.

To participate in the My Home events held in conjunction with Apple Computer, point your IRC (Internet Relay Chat) software to server:, using Port: 6667 and selecting channel: #applechat. If you need to download and install IRC software (required to participate in events), GlobalChat is available via the Quarterdeck website at The chat software is available at no charge.

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