Apple IIe Card: Macintosh Compatibility

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Which Macintosh computers are compatible with the Apple IIe Card?


The Apple IIe card is only compatible with computers that have the LC style processor direct slot (PDS) and do not require 32-bit addressing. This includes:

  • Macintosh Color Classic
  • Performa 400 series
  • Macintosh LC/Performa 500 series computers (except the Macintosh LC 580 and Performa 580)
  • Macintosh LC series computers except: Macintosh 630 family, Power Macintosh 5200 and 5300 LC, Macintosh Performa 5200, 5300, 6200, 6300 series.

The Macintosh LC 580, Macintosh 630 Family, Power Macintosh 5200 and 5300 LC, Performa 5200/5300 and 6200/6300 series only operate in 32-bit addressing mode. Since the Apple IIe card is not compatible with 32-bit addressing, the Apple IIe Card is not compatible with these computers.

The Power Macintosh 5400 and 6400 series and the Macintosh Performa 6400 series and 6360/160 computers do not have LC-PDS slots. These computers have PCI expansion slots. Thus, they do not support the Apple IIe card.

Note: The following computers are in the Macintosh 630 family: Performa 630, Performa 635, Performa 636, Performa 637, Performa 638, LC 630, and Quadra 630.

Compatibility Table

Computer Apple IIe Card Compatible?
Macintosh LC Y
Macintosh Color Classic Y
Macintosh LC II Y
Macintosh LC III Y
Macintosh LC 475 Y
Macintosh LC 520 Y
Macintosh LC 550 Y
Macintosh LC 575* Y
Macintosh LC 580 N
Macintosh LC 630 N
Macintosh Quadra 605 Y
Macintosh 630 Family N
Macintosh Performa 4xx Y
Macintosh Performa 55x Y
Macintosh Performa 56x Y
Macintosh Performa 57x* Y
Macintosh Performa 63x N
Power Macintosh 5200/75 LC N
Power Macintosh 5300/100 LC N
Power Macintosh 5400 Series N
Power Macintosh 6400/200 N
Performa 6200 Series N
Performa 6300 Series N
Performa 6400 Series N
Performa 6360/160 N

* Note: The 68040 versions of the Macintosh LC 5xx and Performa 5xx series do not recognize the Apple IIe Card when there is a communication card occupying the Communication Slot. The Famous Apple!

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