PowerBook 2300: Amperage Comparison of Duo & Mini Dock

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I have noticed that the Macintosh PowerBook Duo 2300 series computers are rated at 24V and 1.5A. I found this information on its FCC ID label. I also noticed that the Apple Mini Dock is rated at 24V, but only 1.0A. Could this cause any operational difficulties or damage the Apple Mini Dock?


Apple engineering has stated that there is no problem running the Macintosh PowerBook (Duo) 2300 series computers with the Apple Mini Dock. The Apple Mini Dock was "over-engineered" (that is, designed to handle more power than it needs be able to handle). Therefore, it can support the 1.5 amps the Macintosh PowerBook 2300 series computers draw through it with no adverse effects. The Famous Apple!

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