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The 5xxx/6xxx Tester 1.0 utility mentioned in the article, "Power Macintosh 5200/5300/6200/6300:Rep. Ext. Program Fact Sheet & Q & A" in the June 6 Info Alley is now available for downloading from Apple Software Updates areas on America Online, CompuServe, ftp.info.apple.com, ftp.support.apple.com, www.info.apple.com, and www.support.apple.com. The utility can be found on the various services by following the path:

Apple SW Updates -> US -> Macintosh -> Utilities

The 5XXX/6XXX Tester is designed to perform a diagnostic test on the logic board of Power Macintosh/Performa 5XXX/6XXX series computers. It is designed to test for known component issues which may cause system freezing. It should only be run on Power Macintosh/Performa 5XXX/6XXX series computers, as the information it provides is only of benefit for those machines.

If you are experiencing problems with your computer other than system freezing, it is recommended that a full diagnostic test be performed by an authorized Apple service technician.

If the application is run on a Power Macintosh/Performa 5XXX/6XXX series computer and it finds a problem, it will present one of the following messages:

The logic board has been checked and a potential issue has been found. Please contact Apple customer support or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to have the logic board replaced as part of the repair extension program.

A potential issue with the Cache has been found. Please contact Apple customer support or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to have the Cache replaced as part of the repair extension program.

If no problems have been found, this application will present the following message:

The logic board has been checked and none of the specific, known hardware issues that are covered under this program were found. If you are experiencing problems, we recommend that you verify that any software applications you are using are compatible with your computer. You can do this by contacting the developer of the software. You should also follow the procedures described in the troubleshooting section of the User's Guide to reduce any freezing issues you are experiencing.

HTMLer's Note: A huge round of applause to the tireless folks at Apple who write The Information Alley and listen to reader feedback. As you can see the URLs for FTPing the files are included, that's Apple's doing. Thanks Apple for listening!

Use one of the URLs below to download the 5xxx/6xxx Tester 1.0 Utility from info.apple.com:

ftp://ftp.info.apple.com/Apple.Support.Area/Apple_SW_Updates/US/Macintosh/U tilities/5xxx-6xxx_Tester_1.0.sea.hqx

ftp://ftp2.info.apple.com/Apple.Support.Area/Apple_SW_Updates/US/Macintosh/ Utilities/5xxx-6xxx_Tester_1.0.sea.hqx

ftp://ftp3.info.apple.com/Apple.Support.Area/Apple_SW_Updates/US/Macintosh/ Utilities/5xxx-6xxx_Tester_1.0.sea.hqx The Famous Apple!

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