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JHMI Mug Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1

April 28, 1997

Table of Contents

Letter from JHMI Mug group coordinator

By Mark Dodd

Well here we are again. It looks like this is going to be a quarterly newsletter now. Work has consumed most of my time recently, so I've had to cut back some of the time I spend on JHMI Mug activities.

Now for some new things this month. I'm introducing our Rating system along with the ratting icons. We are going to use the standard five point system, 1 being poor, 5 being good. Also we will use Domes [] to indicate this numbering system.

I'm still looking for people willing to participate in the user groups administrative functions. These functions include:

  1. Setting up group meeting times and locations.
  2. Lining up vendors/speakers for our meetings.
  3. Reviewing software for our Newsletter. [After the review is done, in most cases, the reviewer will keep the software they have reviewed]
  4. Web page maintenance
  5. Price List conversion to HTML

I would also like to get a few more special interest groups involved, and with that in mind, I will get the Network SIG back up and running. The network SIG is designed for AppleTalk Network managers to get together to discuss various issues with regard to the Macintosh in our networking environment. This includes designing the standard to AppleTalk Naming and Net Numbering on Campus, how to network and manage Macintosh's on Campus and in a lab environments, etc. (See Network SIG page for specific dates and times.)

Some news for local JHU affiliates: we have changed Apple Sales Reps. Barry Bittner, our long-time Apple Sales representative, has moved to the Apple Federal side of the business. For those that know him, he has not moved offices and you can still contact him at his old address (Email and snail mail) and phone number. Our new Higher Education Area Manager is based out of the Pembroke Virginia office. You may contact me at mugadmin@mug.jhmi.edu to get the contact information for our new Higher Education Area Manager. I wish to thank Barry for all of his assistance he has provided me in getting this group going.

If you feel like you are interested in assisting in any way, please contact me at mugadmin@mug.jhmi.edu.

For those of you who are members, I will be updating the Membership database shortly. Part of this update will be the issue of Membership numbers to new and existing members. This number will be your proof of membership so that you can take advantage of some of the vendor offers for members.

General Information and Current Schedule of events.

Check the events calendar on the Mug server. I plan to schedule the next general meeting very soon.

Software Reviews.

Upcoming Newsletter topics.

  • Setting your Macintosh up for IP access and the differences between MacTCP (Classic Networking) and Apple's Open Transport.
  • Reviews of
    • Now-Up-To-Date and Now-Contact.
    • CE Software's QuicKeys.
    • Infomac CD's.
    • Cassady & Greene's Info Genie2
    • PopUpFolder
    • Nisus Writer 5.0
    • eMedia Guitar Method
    • Folder Guard
    • File Guard

Specials (Software, Hardware, other services).

See you in the Next Issue

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