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Macintosh User Group Information

    1. Email List just for Hopkins Macintosh Users. Click Here
    2. The JHMI Mug Listserv information page
    3. JHMI Mug Newsletters
    4. Training Resources
    5. Listing of Local Macintosh Service Providors
    6. Mirror site of the Unofficial InfoAlley(Last update 4/25/97)
      Has information on Mac OS 9 software and older hardware issues

    Macintosh Related Sites that are not on the JHMI Mug Site

    1. Do you Homeschool? You may be eligible to purchase Apple equipment through the Apple Homeschool program. Click to the Apple Homeschool site
    2. Apple Online Seminars

JHMI (Johns Hopkins Medical Institution) is comprised of the Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins University's School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and School of Public Health and Hygiene. Located in Baltimore, Maryland

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